7 Best Tools for starting DIY projects

Beginning your DIY journey starts with finding the right tools for your DIY jobs. Depending on how complicated your DIY project might be, you may be missing some crucial tools to help you complete your project on-time and with easy. Here are the 7 best tools for DIY projects money can buy today.

1. Electric Drill

The cordless electric drill single-handedly rocks in at number #1 (no pun intended). Almost any job requiring drilling or screwing- your electric drill is the best bet. It is recommended to start your toolkit with the electric drill as it fits so many purposes and is possibly used the most on DIY projects.

2. Electric Sander

The electric sander is another well-picked power tool when working with timber or wood finishings. It is a fantastic tool for decorating and providing a nice surface, ready to apply paint and/or undercoat. They are affordable and require sanding disks when purchased.

3. Electric Circular Saw

Cutting with a hand-saw? Save your breath with the electric circular saw. This power tool stops the show when sawing timber, making it a breeze to cut through timber. They are often included with tool kits, Makita, Ryobi, Greenworks and so forth. A very helpful tool to have when you need to perform your general cutting tasks.

4. Hammer

Hammer? Hammer. Been around for literally centuries and still one of the most essential tool to have in the kit. Invest in a good hammer, one that you enjoy and you will not be disappointed.

5. Electric Grinder

Electric Grinders are the Voldemort of the power tools. Show a great level of care when using these power tools as they are higher on the danger scale than most. Grinders are very helpful for cutting or shaving metal. I like to think of them as the metal version of the circular saw, great for cutting. Again, can be very dangerous, though an essential tool.

6. Electric Multi-tool

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of the electric multi-tool. It can be a scourer, a cutter, a sander, a digger – whatever you have on the end it can be that. These are perfect for your MacGyver type of tasks where you need that tool which will mould and bend itself to offer a solution for you.

7. Electric Blower

DIY can be dirty at times. Unlock your electric blower and blow away the excess dirt. Saves you time and effort sweeping and you can get back to working on what matters most, making great projects.

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These are the top 7 high energy tools recommended by us to get started.

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