Gardens don’t need maintenance with a great design.

You heard it. Gardens actually don’t need ANY maintenance. The most important aspect of keeping gardens from requiring any maintenance is garden design. Once your garden design is self-sufficient, maintenance-free, then you will not have to do anything in your garden. Reap the rewards with hours, months, years of efforts involved.

Garden design is where to start when wishing to build a NO-maintenance garden. It requires a little bit of extra thought to get the design set, however once it is set, it is simply a matter of building out the design.

The first and most important step is to plan your garden design correctly before beginning. It will ensure you end up with a no-maintenance garden, and will be your big-brother until the very end. So what are some useful tools to get you started in the design planning?

Questions, questions, questions!

  1. Write down an entire list of questions / answers for your plan.

This might look like, do we really need grass? Can we substitute fake grass that requires 0 mowing and 0 upkeep?

Or, another question, instead of organic plants, can we instead build features surrounding your garden that mimics the effect of the garden. Eg. Water features, statues, ornaments, anything that is a “set-and-forget” type of solution.

The primary criteria to acknowledge is that when building a garden for 0 maintenance and 0 upkeep, there must be no jobs which are created from your garden. Water plants? No. Mow lawn? No sir. Mulch? Not happening. Empty compost bin? Negative.

2. Test your design to make sure there is no surprises!

In following this method, you essentially create a garden which you build once, and never again. If you are a busy person, like I am, you would know that there is only so much time in the day, and you must use it wisely and to your advantage.

To re-enforce this idea, because you only build it once, ensuring long-lasting materials are used is a strong suggestion. It would be horrible to create the garden of your dreams and 12 months later, it looks like a run-down Hollywood boulevard back alley. If the garden is in the sun, then there may be sun-damage as a result. Try to pick as many holes in your design as possible, then come up with some ideas on how to re-enforce your design so there will be minimal surprises.

3. Make it look like the garden of your dreams

This is a weird one, but many people often fall off the wagon by getting wrapped up in the finer details. Why create a garden in the first place? Because you want the garden of dreams! So make it look like one at-least. Get creative and don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your garden. It is entirely possible to have an exceptional looking garden without using ANY organic materials.

Take instagram selfies, invite your friends over, and simply just enjoying your garden will almost always maximise the amount of return you receive from building a once-off, no-maintenance garden. The university of Youtube offers great instructional videos when working on your design. Think carefully and you could have a great garden for the long run.

Hope this helps!

Keep your energy high.

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